Giving Gratitude: Pie Day 2018

At the Pinnacle Homes Group, it is a known fact that our clients are the best people on the planet. Without our incredible clients, we wouldn’t get to go to work every day doing what we love and helping so many members of our community fulfill their dreams of homeownership.

As our way of saying thank you, we kicked off the holiday season by handing out pies to nearly 200 of our clients just in time for Thanksgiving! Check out our video to see all the fun we had, and to hear what one of our very own clients had to say about his experience with the Pinnacle Homes Group.

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Selling Your Home During the Holidays: Should You Decorate?

We are almost at that time of year where the holiday decorations come out and neighborhoods are sparkling with lights and lawn decor. But if your home is on the market this holiday season, how do you know if you should decorate as usual or hold off? Can something as simple as holiday decorations affect the sale of your home?

The answer is yes, but it’s not so simple. We’re breaking down the do’s and don’ts of decorating your home during the holiday season without hurting the sale of your property.

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The Real Estate Market: What’s Really Happening?

It is very easy to get spooked by headlines like “Housing Market Shift or CRASH?” and “Big Shifts in the Housing Market Expected”. The fact of the matter is that the real estate market is certainly subject to fluctuation, just as the economy is. But before you let those headlines scare you into making abrupt and potentially unwise real estate decisions, take a deep breath and let us clue you in on what is happening and what you should really be expecting.

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